Tips to help you recognize authentic tequila


1.    Type : Silver, Gold, Aged, Extra-aged or Ultra-Aged
2.    Official NOM (Mexican Official Standard) password and authorized product number (4 digits)
3.    Net content expressed in liters or milliliters
4.    Producer’s name or corporate name and producer and bottler’s address
5.    Warning label
6.    The word TEQUILA
7.    Registered Brand
8.    Category: (TEQUILA OR 100% AGAVE TEQUILA)
9.    Alcohol percentage in volume "Alc. Vol." (from 35% Alc. Vol.  to 55% Alc. Vol.)
10.    Text "MADE IN MEXICO" (in capital letters)
11.    Lot number


  • Purchase Tequila at established venues and stores (not temporary markets or on the street).
  • Make sure the Brand is printed on the label.
  • Check for the NOM (Mexican Official Standard) Password which consists of four digits and is a unique   password issued to each company that produces tequila.
  • Do not purchase tequila at locations whose commercial reputation may be suspect.
  • Never purchase products that are lacking labels, remember: IF IT LACKS A LABEL, IT’S NOT TEQUILA
  • It must be labeled for the domestic market (in the Spanish language); look for the word “Tequila” in the commercial information.
  • Make sure that the bottle or container has not been tampered with (mainly, the lids).
  • The label is an original label in good condition and the product shows the corresponding SCHP (Ministry of the Treasury and Public Credit) tag.
  • Check that there are no strange particles or material, sediment or any foreign matter in the tequila.
  • Don’t purchase tequila which is offered at such a low price that you would doubt its authenticity.
  • Agave Distillates, Agave Eau de Vie, Agave Liqueur and other similar beverages ARE NOT TEQUILA.
  • Be very careful of beverages purported to be tequilas offered at  “open-bars” and “2x1” promotional offers at all-inclusive bars and establishments.
  • Check the list of certified brands periodically issued by the TRC which is published on the web site, so that consumers can avoid buying an apocryphal (false) or non-certified product.
  • In any type of establishment, ask the waiter to serve your drink at the table from the original bottle.