Objective and Field of Application

Article 1.- Objective. The objective of these internal regulations is to establish the rules to which all of the Consejo Regulador del Tequila, A.C. (Tequila Regulatory Council) Associates shall be subject, with respect to their relation to the Association, as well as the rules governing the Council’s supporting bodies with respect to their operations and the Association’s personnel.

Article 2.- Definitions. The terms defined below shall have the meaning established in this Article, regardless of whether they are used in the singular or plural form, and said definitions shall apply with respect to all activities and functions of Consejo Regulador del Tequila, A.C.:

- Agave shall mean Agave of the Tequilana Weber variety, Blue variety, sown within the Designation of Origin Zone in accordance with the terms of the tequila Standard;

- Associated Client shall mean any individual or corporation that has been accepted to and joined the CRT as such;

- Non-Associated Client, shall mean any individual or corporation that is not a member of the organism, to which CRT lends Inspection, Certification, Training, Information, Audits or Determinations, or Technical Assistance services

- Contributor shall mean any person who contributes his/her technical or professional knowledge in the CRT’s tasks and functions, whether through consulting services or participating in one or more of its Committees, Sub-committees or Working Groups and who have no employment relationship with respect to the CRT;

- Committee, shall mean, indistinctively the Certifications Committee, the Standards Committee and other committees supporting the CRT’s tasks;

- CRT, shall mean Consejo Regulador del Tequila, A.C.;

- Designation of origin, shall mean the region protected under the General Declaration on the Protection of the “Tequila” Designation of Origin published in the Official Journal of the Federation on October 13, 1977.

- Employee, shall mean any person who has an employment relationship with CRT, regardless of whether they are non-unionized employees or management employees and that receive, in consideration of their work, a remuneration or pay from the CRT;

- Bylaws shall mean the statutes or bylaws which govern CRT and which are contained in the public deed by means of which CRT was incorporated, as well as any other Bylaws which may amend or supersedes such original Bylaws;

- Form shall mean any and all form or format authorized by the President of the Board of Directors, which shall be completed by CRT Associates or Clients, containing the information described therein;

- Manual shall mean the document which was approved by the President of the Board of Directors and/or CRT’s Director General containing the requirements to be fulfilled and steps to be taken when undertaking the activities to achieve the objectives described in the corresponding document.

- The Tequila Standard, shall mean Official Mexican Standard NOM-006-SCFI-2012, or any other official Standard  that amends or supersedes said Standard.

- Test shall mean the analysis of Source Materials, the Product in Process and the Finished Product (Tequila), conducted in a Laboratory accredited by EMA (Entidad Mexicana de Acreditacion- Mexican Accreditation Body), with respect to the characteristics to be obtained in accordance with the Tequila Standard.

- Tequila 100% is the distilled spirits made exclusively from sugars drawn from Agave.

- Tequila, shall mean the distilled spirits made mainly from sugars drawn from Agave .

- Permanent Inspection is the daily presence of a CRT representative during the activities of the tequila  production, aging, export and bottling processes at the client’s facilities, in order to verify compliance with the tequila Standard.

- Designation of Origin Zone shall mean the territory of origin described in Article 3 of the General Declaration on the Protection of the “Tequila” Designation of Origin , published in the Official Journal of the Federation on October 13, 1977.

Article 3.- Field of Application. The Associates, Contributors, Employees and Clients of CRT shall be subject to the provisions established by these Internal Regulations.