The Tequila Designation of Origin ahs been granted the following protective measures around the world:

  • 1978- International Registration of Tequila before the World Intellectual Property Organization (see document)
  • 1997- Tequila is protected throughout the European Union by means of an Agreement on Mutual Recognition and Designation Protection in the Spirits Beverages Industry signed by the United Mexican States and the European Community in 1997. (Page 4) (See document)

Likewise, the North American Free Trade Agreement signed in 1994 by the United States and Canada, recognizes Tequila as a distinctive beverage of Mexico (Exhibit 313).

Likewise, in all Treaties and Association Agreements it signs, the Mexican Government seeks to always include the protection and recognition of Tequila as a Mexican Designation of Origin and the following Treaties and Agreements are examples of this:

  • Economic Association Agreement signed with Japan  (Page 12, paragraph 6: Intellectual Property) (see document)
  • TLC-G3 Colombia – Mexico (Article  18-16 Protection of Designations of Origin and Geographic Indications) (see document)
  • TLC by Mexico and Israel (Article 2-05 Distinctive Products; Exhibit 2-05 Designations of Origin and Geographic Indications) (see document)
  • TLC Mexico – North -Triangle (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras) (Exhibit 3-16 Distinctive Products) (see document)
  • TLC Mexico – Uruguay (Chapter XV; Section D Geographic Indications and Designations of Origin; Article 15-22 Protection of Geographic Indications and Designations of Origin) (see document)
  • TLC Mexico – Chile (Chapter 15 intellectual property; Section D Designations of Origin; Article 15-24 Designations of Origin; Exhibit 15-24 Designations of Origin) (see document)


Additionally, the TRC has sought and secured the protection of the Tequila designation of origin through the intellectual property offices of the following countries:

Canada Registered Brand
El Salvador DOT Registration
Costa Rica DOT Registration
Panama DOT Registration
Ecuador DOT Registration
Paraguay DOT Registration
Guatemala DOT Registration
Uruguay DOT Registration
Peru DOT Registration
European Union Collective Brand
China Certification Mark in Chinese and Latin characters