Chronological Notes on History of the Appellation of Origin Tequila:

•  There have been references from 1943 on certain steps made by the industrial men of the region to protect the name of "Tequila" and get the buzz of use. Arguments are grounded on a long history associated with the industry and the region (region, village, hill) with this drink that has also earned the nickname of “National Drink”.

• The “Lisbon Agreement” for the Protection of Appellations of Origin and their International Registration was subscribed by Mexico in 1958.

•  In the sixties and beyond, when Tequila was TWD famous in the world, some countries (Japan, Spain) began to produce spirits to whom they called "tequila".

•  Chapter X, Title Third, of the Industrial Property Law, regarding Appellation of Origin, was amended in 1972.

The CRIT submitted a petition before the SIC on September 27, 1973 for issuing the General Declaracion for Protection of the Appellation of Origin "Tequila".

•  Said petition was favorably resolved on November 22, and it is published by the Official Newspaper on December 9, 1974.

•  An Agreement is signed between the United States and Mexico through the one Mexico recognizes Bourbon and restricts its name within its territory. In exchange, the United States recognized Tequila as a distinctive product and exclusive from Mexico.

•  A decree is published by the Federal Register (December 5, 1973) through the one the Appellation of Origin is recognized. In México, on May 6, 1974, a resolution amending Article 2.1.1. of the Quality Official Standard for Whisky, DGN-V-I-1969, is published.

• The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Canada issued a decree on July 27, 1974 through the one the name Tequila is restricted to products coming from Mexico.

•  On September 20, 1976 Tequilera la Gonzaleña asked for an extension of the territory of the Appellation of Origin to some Municipalities of Tamaulipas.

•  The favorable resolution to said petition was published by the Official Newspaper on October 13, 1977.

•  The Registry of Tequila at the "Registre International des appelations D'origine” created by the World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva, Switzerland) is gotten on April 13, 1978.

•  The Quebec Province (Canada) sent a writing, stating its recognition to DOT on March 29, 1981.

•  The D.O.T. was recognized by Denmark on October 29, 1982.